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The culinary world is something that is always changing, much like the fashion or media industry what is popular goes through trends and chefs are having to get creative in order to remain current. It is not enough to just be satisfied with your meal and guests are looking to be taken on a journey through their meal, the dramatic appeal of a unique dish is what is going to sell, the weirder the better, as it not only provides your guests with a memorable experience but gets them talking and through word of mouth increases your demand with the public.


A very famous chef known for his unusual cooking methods would have to be a culinary genius – Heston Blumenthal, the owner of the Fat Duck and unique meal creator, Heston is the mastermind behind hundreds of weird and wonderful dishes. His dishes range from strange colors, towering constructions, and marvelous flavor combinations all with a hint of classic cooking. His diners describe a meal in his restaurant as a journey, it goes beyond tasting good and provides a real individual experience for everyone blessed enough to have the chance of trying his dishes.


Although Heston is known for his scientific, crazy approach to dining he does also own three Michelin star restaurants, his other restaurant is where the magic happens to offer a very different dining experience compared to traditional restaurants. When you think of cooking trends nowadays, a reputable restaurant offers pretty traditional cuisine with small portions and an artsy effect. Heston doesn’t just challenge these trends but he completely blows it out of the water. No meal that Heston has been involved with is basic, from flavor to aesthetic appeal, every aspect of his dishes has been well thought through and included to build an overall amazing trip for the tastebuds.


Never has a chef been held in such high regard for his creativeness,  his popularity stems from his breath of fresh air attitude to cooking. His dishes are fresh, new, and completely individual to Heston’s own mind. Nobody can replicate Heston, his work is instantly recognizable as it is so out there and essentially mind-blowing in terms of his creative work.


Heston has been challenging cooking trends in a variety of ways throughout his career, there have been many notable moments since his food really took off.


Christmas Dinner

A few years ago Heston had his big break in the form of a TV Christmas special, he invited multiple celebrities to come over for a meal to remember. His menu seemed normal but what was presented really wasn’t starting with a soup infused with a full roast dinner and all the trimmings and ending with a dessert that was made to look like cutlery and candles, it was spectacular to watch and this would be one of the first times Heston was introduced worldwide.


Since his debut his work has only gotten more elaborate, with his menus just getting more and more strange, Heston is a trusted chef and his opinion and advice are very valuable in the culinary world. Below are some highlights from various shows or interviews he has done over the years with aspects of cooking that he lives by.


Don’t be nervous

When stepping into the world of culinary experimentation Heston believes that you should dive in headfirst. Some of Heston’s best work came from his sense of confidence, and without it, he wouldn’t be the chef he is today. When venturing out to the more daring side with your cooking, if you are afraid or scared of messing up then remember this, whatever your making can be remade if things go wrong, you’re not going to create anything amazing if you are too scared to be daring.


Filtered water

A stranger piece of advice but one that Blumenthal swears by is using filtered water. Filtering your tap water is a great step to ensure you are getting the healthiest purest water, not only is it better for you but it is much healthier for the environment compared to the plastic waste that comes from bottled water. Why not improve on what is going into your body and help save the planet. The Kangen Leveluk K8 is a great water filtration system to come onto the market, if you are interested then take a look.


The weirder the Better

Finally, a piece of advice that you would expect from Heston Blumenthal is to push the boundaries and find yourself some weird flavor combinations. Experimenting with food is a growing industry with innovative restaurants opening all over the world, there is a great appeal because of the fact that you are delving into the unknown. and the weirder the dish then the more likely it is that it’s going to be a hit.

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