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Vietnam is a country built under French influence; this means the French dining experience has been transferred to Vietnam. This passage will detail some of the most expensive restaurants in Vietnam; this passage may be a fine detail for your plans if you have the cash, or this passage may act as pure fantasy. Who knows if you get the right lottery results for xsmn then maybe you can eat at these restaurants one day.

La Villa French Restaurant

La Villa is the best French restaurant in the whole of south-east Asia. The restaurant has a detailed list of exotic French wines and a menu of indulgent French classics. With wines coming in at over 1000 dollars this restaurant is not for everybody; but for the rich who find themselves in Vietnam, this restaurant is the perfect high dining experience.

The Deck Saigon Restaurant

The Deck Saigon is situated on the beautiful Saigon River, and offers some of the finest Vietnam cuisine. Displaying the best the country has to offer. It is open from morning to night and serves a wide array of food. The food is known for its rather extortionate pricing; with a poached egg coming in ay fifteen dollars!

Hoi An Sense Restaurant

The Hoi An Sense serves the finest Vietnamese cuisine. Having been in business for over twenty years the Hoi An Sense has built a reputation as one of Vietnams most luxurious restaurants. Almost definitely for those who carry a lot of cash in their wallets; with the mean price of food coming at just under 100 dollars.

These restaurants are like no other; offering a full food experience that will stay with you for a lifetime. Remember though these experiences do not come cheap.

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