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Are you someone that absolutely adores food? Not just because you enjoy eating, but because you appreciate the workmanship that goes into taking raw ingredients and making a delicious dish. If you’re someone with a real passion for food then you may be looking for a way to express your passion, without heading into the kitchen and cooking yourself. Being a food reviewer may be the best solution for you as it gives you a chance to improve and share your knowledge of food to an audience of people who want to know what you think. Understandably it can be difficult to know where to start as becoming a food reviewer isn’t exactly an easy process and there is very little promotion of it when you’re looking into what jobs you want to do in the future at an educational level. Even researching the process yourself can understandably be a confusing process and may put you off the idea altogether. But fear not, here are our tips on the right way to get started in the field of food review.



The first thing that you should do is outline how you are going to judge all of the dishes and restaurants that you decide to review. When it comes to food reviews it is important that you keep a consistent outline so that your reviews will be fair and equal for every place that you review. This should be done before you even start to publish any reviews as you want to keep your page as consistent as possible. Make a list of what you think is important when it comes to your food, such as presentation or quality of ingredients. Not only will this allow you to keep a consistent theme going, but it will also make writing your reviews a lot easier as you will have points to follow that will allow you to keep your writing concise and thus improve the quality of the reviews that you are releasing into the public.



You should also visit several different establishments before you even begin to publish any of your work and get a good idea of what to expect from a restaurant that sells quality food. Also know that your reviews extend to more than just the quality of the food, when reviewing a restaurant you should also look at what else it has to offer. This means how the staff work, what the atmosphere is like, and the attention that they put into all of the little details. That even extends to the water that they serve, you are going to be able to tell the difference between some plain old tap water and some water that has gone through an Alkaline ionized water purifier,  you should really visit several places and make notes of these little differences in order to make your reviews stand out from others of its kind. Food reviewing isn’t exactly a popular market and so you need a unique selling point for your reviews to be successful, so make sure you do all of the necessary research in order to gauge what other reviewers are doing in order to be successful.


Diving In

Once you feel as though you have everything set up and you’re ready to delve into the world of reviews, you may find yourself stuck on something else, where do you publish your reviews? Setting up a website can be a long and strenuous process. First of all, you need to purchase a domain to run your review website on, which can be a process in itself. Due to the difficulties that can come with setting up your own website, a lot of people choose to use previously made sites as that is a lot more straightforward. One of the most popular options that people use is WordPress, using WordPress is an extremely straightforward process and has a lot of free options. WordPress is also very easy for your potential audience to access. However, there are some aspects of WordPress that you have to pay for and that can be off-putting to some extent. Because of this a lot of people that are just starting out choose to use social media as a platform to share their reviews. This is completely free and everyone uses social media so you are more likely to get attention and grow in popularity a lot faster when using social media. Start on somewhere like Facebook, where there are a lot of users that are more likely to share your content and so get it seen by more people.


Most of all it is important to stay patient, your reviews aren’t going to be shared about everywhere when you first start and so you shouldn’t take this as a sign of failure, keep going and understand that this takes time.

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