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A New Study Finds Most Female Dieters are Too Ashamed to Say Thumbnail

Whilst dieting has always been a common thing, with new types of diets popping up almost every month, there has in recent years become a stigma surrounding the topic. Women who go to Weight Waters and other similar slimming and diet groups have started to hide the fact that they go and that they are attempting to lose weight. Why they are ashamed of this, is unknown as attempting to lose weight is not a bad or embarrassing thing it shows that you are willing to put the effort in to ensure that you are healthy. Despite this, a new study finds that most female dieters are too ashamed to say that they are, and here we are trying to figure out why.

Pressures of Social Media

Nowadays, it is a big deal if you have a large following on social media. However, unfortunately, the most successful influencers who get brand deals for hair vitamins or promoting womens watches are usually the ones that are slim and conventionally beautiful. Women that feel they must diet to attain this level of “beauty” might feel embarrassed about it.

What is healthy?

A lot of people currently would argue that dieting isn’t a healthy way to lose weight and rather, if you are trying, it would be better to simply exercise and cut down on portion sizes. Whilst this is an easy way to lose weight, if women find that a certain diet is working for them then they shouldn’t feel ashamed of doing it.

Dieting is bad for your mental health? 

There is now a large expectation of people to move away from dieting and enjoy food to maintain your mental health and happiness. Whilst these are both important, it doesn’t consider that for some women, dieting helps them reach a weight that they are happy at, improving their mental health.

Which Diet is Best for Serious Yoga Enthusiasts Thumbnail

Yoga is a fantastic activity that doubles as great exercise for the body and brilliant exercise for the mind. It is a brilliant way to increase flexibility while also destressing and calming you down. Finding its origins in very spiritual places, Yoga is loved the world over. But for those looking to take yoga a step further, diet is a key part of the lifestyle. If you want to take your yoga to the next level and increase your energy and flexibility, then you need to examine your diet and find what works best for you. Remember, always seek multiple sources of information when it comes to yoga and especially diet. Whether it’s from sites like yogajournal, or just seeking diet advice from a doctor, be safe.


The vegan diet has become increasingly popular over the past few years. More and more people are realizing the effect it has on their health and the health of the planet. While it isn’t perfect, it is definitely a step in the right direction. And when it comes to yoga, the vegan diet is extremely popular. Many yoga specialists partake in the vegan diet to make sure they are putting only natural and healthy things into their body. And it goes a step further as many yoga specialists are very spiritual and partake in the animal and environmental conservation aspects of the vegan diet as well.


Cutting out meat from a diet is very good for you, but it can also be difficult to do outright. But keeping fish in your diet is both an excellent compromise and a huge benefit to your health. Fish are rich in Omega oils that are fantastic for your brain and body. Balancing the fish with other healthy food groups and creative ways of cooking is fantastic for your body and joints, which is important when it comes to keeping the flexibility required for yoga.


Going veggie is becoming easier every year. More companies and restaurants are improving their veggie options. Being vegetarian is fantastic for yoga as your body will be getting all the nutrients and vitamins needed to improve internal bodily function and maintain healthy joints. On top of that, it greatly improves your mood and state of mind which will majorly boost your yoga experience as you completely clear your mind.

A Healthy Meal Plan for Moms to Get Fit for Summer Thumbnail

Healthy eating Is a mantra that so many of us wish to adhere to in order to lead a healthy lifestyle however, it can be difficult to find a meal plan that is easy to stick to and really works. When I was a gymnast I had to train hard and eat well, so I learned a lot about healthy eating. Gymnastics by the way is a really great sport for getting fit and I recommend it for everyone. It’s so easy to get started these days since you can get everything you need at Fit2BMom and other great sites like it.. Anyway, back to the healthy meal plan.


  • BREAKFAST! It is one of the most important meals of the day which sets you up with plenty of energy to last until lunch. Breakfast is essential to coping with the stressful routine that you mums all experience.
  • Lunch – a great lunch option would be things like omelettes which are high in protein and really do set you up for the rest of the day. Choose your fillings and add some cheese to make for a really tasty meal. Serve with salad for extra nutritional value and voila!
  • Dinner – when it comes to your final meal of the day it can be easy to opt for some hearty comfort food but this can often be full of calories. I would recommend that you make a compromise and make something like a delicious chicken and vegetable pasta. Simply cook off some chicken, add your favourite seasoning, combine with a mixture of vegetables such as onion, tomatoes, peppers and mushrooms which are all very high in nutritional value and mix in with a carton of passata or chopped tomatoes to create a delicious topping for the pasta of your choice.


A healthy meal plan doesn’t have to be difficult to stick to and there’s really no reason why your taste buds should suffer at the expense of healthy eating.