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6 Steps to Ensure your Restaurant Passes its Health Inspection Thumbnail

For any restaurant owner, one of the most intimidating times of year is when the annual health inspection is due. Even if you think that your restaurant is clean, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the idea that there will be someone in your establishment scrutinizing every knife, fork, and glass. Because of this, it is important that you make sure to take extra care in the days running up to your inspection. If you are unsure of the best ways to do that, worry not. Here are 6 of the most crucial steps that you should take to ensure your restaurant passes its health inspection.


Check your fridge

Something that a lot of people forget about before their inspection is making sure that their fridge is as clean as the rest of their facility. Restaurant fridges can get dirty very easily and produce can quickly go out of date and this may affect other foods in your fridge. Health inspectors check your fridges thoroughly so make sure that your food is all in date and properly organized.


Clean the exterior of your restaurant

The exterior of your restaurant can be reflective of the cleanliness within, so if the outside of your restaurant is a mess, the health inspector will not be impressed. Make sure that you sweep down the entrance of your restaurant and also ensure that the bins behind your restaurant are tidy, as mess around the back can appeal to pests that may get into your restaurant.


Make sure your staff are up to scratch

Not only do health inspectors look at your establishment’s cleanliness, but they will also take note of the cleanliness of the staff. This is because the staff will be handling all of the food that goes out to customers, so if they are in a dirty uniform or have dirty hands, it will reflect poorly on your restaurant. Make sure that you have plenty of anti-bacterial stations around the restaurant so that your staff can make sure that their hands remain clean in between serving customers. Before the start of a shift, evaluate every staff member to make sure they are in a good state to represent your brand.


Deep clean

If you know that you have an inspection coming up, it would be in your best interest to give your restaurant a deep clean. We recommend that you hire an external company to do this as they will make sure that the cleaning is completed to a good standard, it will also give you time to focus on other jobs ahead of your inspection. It will also mean that you won’t have to clean some of the more challenging spots.


Double-check cutlery

Another area that lets a lot of restaurants down during inspections is the condition of their cutlery. Cutlery is often difficult to clean and so sometimes dirty knives and forks manage to make their way to a customer’s table. This is not acceptable if that table ends up belonging to the health inspector, so make sure that you double-check all of your cutlery.



Pest control

A huge issue when owning a food establishment is rats and other pests being attracted to your building due to the large quantities of food. Having any pests at all could lead to an automatic fail for your inspection, so make sure that you have your building checked over before your inspection. There are plenty of companies that offer pest control in dixon, california, so make sure that you contact one for an appraisal on your business.

Why You Need These Gadgets in your Kitchen Right Now! Thumbnail

These days we are spending more time than ever indoors, which has given us all the opportunity to try our hand at the world of culinary adventure. Trying to cook new and exciting dishes may mean that you need some new gadgets. Here are our top picks of must-have kitchen gadgets that will make your cooking experience way easier, as verified by the guys over at nononsenseninja.


Four slot toaster

If you haven’t got a four-slot toaster then you have been missing out. Though this may seem like basic tech, using a four-slot toaster will make your everyday cooking experience way easier. This is especially the case if you are someone with a large family, as you will be able to make lots of your morning toast at the same time. It will save you a lot of time and also means that making the rest of your meal will be much more efficient.


Smart fridge freezer

How many times have you had to deal with the following scenario? Unforeseeably your fridge freezer temperature has been far too cold and you have had to deal with your perishable goods housed in your fridge being frozen and then unfrozen, leaving your food items soggy and unusable. Having a smart fridge allows you to keep track of your freezer’s temperatures and means that you don’t have to deal with wasting money on rebuying foods.


Fusion food processor

Everybody needs to invest in a good food processor. A good food processor will allow you to complete a long line of never attempted foods and can be extremely useful if you are someone who is often left with a lot of waste product after cooking as you can blend what you have left and create an entirely new dish.

Which Diet is Best for Serious Yoga Enthusiasts Thumbnail

Yoga is a fantastic activity that doubles as great exercise for the body and brilliant exercise for the mind. It is a brilliant way to increase flexibility while also destressing and calming you down. Finding its origins in very spiritual places, Yoga is loved the world over. But for those looking to take yoga a step further, diet is a key part of the lifestyle. If you want to take your yoga to the next level and increase your energy and flexibility, then you need to examine your diet and find what works best for you. Remember, always seek multiple sources of information when it comes to yoga and especially diet. Whether it’s from sites like yogajournal, or just seeking diet advice from a doctor, be safe.


The vegan diet has become increasingly popular over the past few years. More and more people are realizing the effect it has on their health and the health of the planet. While it isn’t perfect, it is definitely a step in the right direction. And when it comes to yoga, the vegan diet is extremely popular. Many yoga specialists partake in the vegan diet to make sure they are putting only natural and healthy things into their body. And it goes a step further as many yoga specialists are very spiritual and partake in the animal and environmental conservation aspects of the vegan diet as well.


Cutting out meat from a diet is very good for you, but it can also be difficult to do outright. But keeping fish in your diet is both an excellent compromise and a huge benefit to your health. Fish are rich in Omega oils that are fantastic for your brain and body. Balancing the fish with other healthy food groups and creative ways of cooking is fantastic for your body and joints, which is important when it comes to keeping the flexibility required for yoga.


Going veggie is becoming easier every year. More companies and restaurants are improving their veggie options. Being vegetarian is fantastic for yoga as your body will be getting all the nutrients and vitamins needed to improve internal bodily function and maintain healthy joints. On top of that, it greatly improves your mood and state of mind which will majorly boost your yoga experience as you completely clear your mind.

The Most Common Food Pests Restaurants Must Deal With Thumbnail

Nothing can ruin a restaurant faster than a pest infestation. It is a sad truth of our societies that the cities and towns we build are riddled with vermin. It is unavoidable, for the most part. While excellent hygiene and secure foundations work well to counter pests, they don’t always work, and some restaurants are often forced to seek out commercial pest control. Sometimes pests are avoidable. Sometimes they aren’t. Below are a few of the different types of pests restaurants can be expected to deal with.


The most common enemy of health standards. Rats. They are everywhere. The common myth is you are never more than a few feet away from a rat at any given time. And this means there is a high chance they will try and wiggle their way into an eating establishment and feast. Rats are often only attracted to places they can, firstly, get into with ease, and secondly anywhere that has food available to them. Both of these issues can be avoided. The food issue is resolved by simply maintaining high cleaning standards. No foot or crumbs should be left out, especially not behind counter and shelves. And making sure the building structure and flooring is well maintained will avoid any infestations. Checking on areas around your site that might be home to rats is also a smart idea. Anywhere that is warm, sheltered, dark is a good place to look. Knowing if there are rats near you will help you stay proactive.


Ants are a royal pain for restaurants. They are small, quick and above all else they are smart. Able to organize themselves effectively and once one of them is in, more will follow. That is why it is so vital for restaurants to stop an ant infestation before it happens. Like all pests, they are attracted to food, particularly crumbs. To maintain a rigorous cleaning regime within the restaurant is vital. Sadly, due to their size, it is very likely ants will be brought into your restaurant by customers, unknowingly. That is why you should invest in small ant traps and place them in key locations around the site. They will attract the ants in and humanely exterminate them.


Where there are dirt and heat there are flies. They are a nightmare for health standards. Not only is their buzzing annoying and persistent, but they are dirty and can contaminate anything they touch. As with any pest they can be dealt with by keeping things clean. But with flies that isn’t always enough. Most of the time a stray fly will simply make its way into the restaurant. To that end, it is worth investing in some anti-fly measures. Flypaper or a fly zapper is extremely effective to ward off those pesky little pests. Keeping on top of your bins is another way to avoid a fly infestation. They are attracted to bins so make sure you have safe and secure bins that don’t leak or are fragile.

Now Hiring – Culinary Tour Guides Thumbnail

Wanted: Culinary Tour Guides for Granville Island Market Tour (part time and casual)

Join our local team spearheading Canada’s Culinary Tourism revolution. Edible British Columbia is Canada’s largest culinary tourism and specialty locavore operator. With a vibrant Retail Store and headquarters located in the heart of Granville Island, we’re immersed in the Province’s vibrant food culture and in front of millions of visitors annually.

With a new culinary centre – Edible at the Market – opening Spring/Summer 2011, we need to hire additional Culinary Tour Guides. Are you passionate and ready to spread the word about the best of BC and Canada’s local food and drink, and the amazing culinary artisans that grow it, harvest it, bottle it, produce it and supply it?

Our signature Granville Island Market Tour provides the opportunity for both locals and visitors to learn about and experience BC’s most visited and best-known market, together with those who know it best. As a Culinary Guide you’ll lead small groups around the Public Market on a 2-hour tasting tour, provide tips on food selection and preparation, and insights into the local culinary scene.

EBC Culinary Guide qualifications:

  • Culinary and food background
  • Be dynamic, interactive, friendly and engaging with the general public
  • Be comfortable, confident and vocal speaking in public to groups
  • Be passionate about food! And drink!
  • Knowledgeable and supportive of the Farm to Table movement
  • Have a flexible schedule (public tours generally run 9am-11am, 7 days a week though private tours can run any time of the day)
  • Culinary Guides should be able to offer at least 3 mornings a week
  • Fluency in a second language is a bonus

Qualified applicants are encouraged to submit a resume and references with cover letter to: jobs@ediblebritishcolumbia.com. No phone calls or in person inquiries or resumes. We thank all those who submit their applications but only those under consideration will be contacted.

2 Spaces for Wednesday’s Market Dinner Available! Thumbnail

We’ve just had 2 spots open up for our long sold-out Market Dinner with Kits Daily Kitchen on Wednesday, January 19.

These multicourse, seasonally centric meals take place in Granville Island Public Market, after hours.  With each course our sommelier has paired local BC wines to complement the chef’s dishes.

January 19 – Kitsilano Daily Kitchen – Chef Brian Fowke – 2 spaces left!

A fresh approach to unpretentious West Coast Cuisine. Chef Brian Fowke’s ever-changing menu is based on daily visits to the local markets and farms of British Columbia. Well known to Vancouverites (Rare, Metro, Mon Bella), Chef Fowke is always in the season, and local and organic whenever possible. Come and be charmed.

Time: 7:45 PM – 10:30 PM
Cost: $90 per person, plus HST
Price Includes:
– multicourse seasonal meal with paired cocktail/wines
– recipes, photos and the opportunity to interact with the chef
– 15% off everything in the EBC store that evening, and a 10% discount on future tours and events booked that night.

Only 2 seats are available – you can book online, in person at the Retail Store, or by calling our events department at 778.389.8940