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Are Outdoor Restaurants Making a Come Back Thanks to Covid? Thumbnail

There is no point in telling you just how much covid and the following restrictions that came with the virus have had an effect on all of our lives, now that we are seeing infection rates lowered thanks to the determination of the world and the isolation periods we have all been through. Restaurants are opening their doors again in order to salvage the loss of income that has been faced by the entire events and hospitality industry. While the covid numbers may be on the decrease, many people are still very wary of going back out in open and public spaces with other people. After so long sheltering in our homes it makes sense that there would be some anxiety present, but businesses are really doing all they can to recover lost income

This article will be looking at how you can stay safe while doing something for the good of your health and getting out of the house to treat yourself and your loved ones to a nice meal. There is a much lower risk of catching the virus if you are in an outdoor area with plenty of personal space and air circulation. This means that you are able to safely go out and socialize after so long away from your friends, which is also why many restaurants are encouraging guests to book their outdoor spaces, especially now that we are finally getting some nice weather also.

Restrictions Being Lowered

It has been a long few months of non-essential retail closures, an hour a day of exercise, and sifting through the shows you have left to watch on Netflix, all of this hard work has resulted in a steady slowing of the virus’ spread so restrictions have eased for the time being. With talks of a sudden reappearance of covid rules, if a spike in infections should occur, you should definitely make the most of this sudden grace period if you feel fine to do so. All current guidelines can be found online, so if you are unsure of anything regarding what is in place in your area then I would highly recommend checking out the relevant sites. You also need to stick to testing regularly and wearing your mask when you know you may be interacting with large groups.

Socializing After so Long Indoors

Staying inside for so long has been a drain on your mental health whether you are aware of it or not, this is why it may be a good idea for you to try stepping out of your comfort zone and going out for a few hours while restrictions allow it. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, just a quiet night with your loved ones in a nice restaurant, this could be a much-needed morale boost in what has been some very trying times and circumstances for us all.

Boosting the Food and Drink Industry

Another reason why outdoor restaurants are making a comeback is due to the dire need for a boost in income within the hospitality and catering industry, while many businesses have been making do and implementing deliveries and take-out options within current covid restrictions. There has still been a big loss that has resulted in stress and money issues for those affected, it is now time for these businesses within the catering industry to do all they can to bring in new customers and raise the profits to make back some of what they lost. This is why so many businesses are offering special offers to try and get people through the doors again, with the fear of restrictions coming back as motivation.

Redecorating and Rebranding

While there is an opportunity to boost the business again we have also seen many restaurants and bars have had a little makeover during the lockdown, this again is a good idea to take advantage of all of the spare time and attract customers to return now that restrictions have eased. From remarkable interior transformations to fresh gardens and landscaping for perfect outdoor hosting are just some of the redecorating jobs we have seen. If you are a restaurant owner in the Victoria area then finding a landscaper in Victoria BC, should be very easy with a variety of reputable companies in the vicinity, who will be able to work wonders on your outdoor spaces.

Is it safe to go out again?

For those of you that are worried about going out again after so long away from other people, you should try and avoid stressing about it. As long as you are following vaccination and testing advice, isolating when you are told to do so, and wearing your mask you should be absolutely fine to treat yourself to a night off and have a nice meal with the family. With some of the discounts and special offers that you can get right now, it would be a real shame to miss out.

Trying New Foods

While many of us have been trying to cook new and interesting things during the lockdown, it is safe to say that some of the experiments may not have been successful. This new freedom to get out for a few hours in the evening again is also the perfect opportunity to try a new food that you may not have ever had before, which will also make it a nice and memorable experience amongst some of the more stressful memories of the year.

Surefire Ways to Host a Successful Dinner Party Thumbnail

Last year left us all feeling a little social deprived. The only people we were really allowed to hang out with were the people that we lived with, which got quite tiresome after a while. It is likely that you spent the majority of the year making plans with your friends and family, but now that you can do these plans, you probably feel slightly anxious.

Being away from people for so long has made many of us unsure of how to do some of the most basic social activities. Though we miss them, we can’t quite remember how to do them without feeling slightly awkward. If you spent the last year making plans, it is likely that a dinner party was on the cards, and you have to host it.

When you haven’t been able to host something for the best part of a year, you may feel as though you have lost your hosting touch. Stay calm, hosting a party is like riding a bike. However, if you are still feeling worried, here are some sure-fire ways to host a successful dinner party,

Make Sure the Food Goes off Without a Hitch

Though a big part of dinner parties is the ambience and the mood, the food is what everyone is turning up for. Planning your menu is a very important part of the night and the last thing that you want is to make food that nobody enjoys.

Don’t be afraid to ask your friends about their likes and dislikes, as they will appreciate that you are going to the effort to make sure that they are catered to. Once you know what everyone dislikes, you can ensure that you don’t put it on your menu.

If you are cooking a specific meat, it is recommended that you ask your guests how they prefer for it to be cooked. This will once again show that you are putting a bit of thought into the evening and will also ensure that everyone enjoys what they are eating, which is bound to put everyone in an excellent mood.

Put Together Some Entertainment

If you haven’t seen your friends for some time, it can be a little awkward trying to plan an evening together. The last thing that you want is an incredibly awkward silence, so to avoid this, you can host a few games. To start your night off, you can play a few rounds of the never have i ever game to reveal secrets. This will get everyone laughing and will be a fantastic way to catch up and hear what everyone has been doing in the last year. If you have a few drinks flowing, then everyone will be extremely open with their questions. Once you have heard people’s deepest secrets, it feels almost impossible to feel awkward around them, so everyone will feel a lot more relaxed.

You can also add some fun challenges and classic party games to the mix. It has always been said that no dinner party is complete without a few games of charades, so get out the sand timer and wait for the laughter to start.

Introduce Fun Cocktails

There is nothing more impressive than making signature cocktails for your guests. Absolutely everybody loves a cocktail and so a great way to impress your guests is by producing a creative cocktail. You can also get your guests involved in this process and have them make their own cocktails.

If you have someone at your dinner party that doesn’t drink, don’t worry. You can easily make them a delicious mocktail, as this will make them feel included in the events of the evening.

Offer a selection of desserts

Dessert is arguably the easiest part of your meal, as it can be kept in the fridge or freezer and you don’t have to worry about messing up the timing. Desserts can be bought and nobody will judge you for not making them, for this reason, we recommend that you get in a few options, as your guests may be in the mood for different desserts.

It is recommended that you keep a lighter dessert option in, as your guests may be too full to take on something heavy.

6 Fantastic Gaming Inspired Food Dishes Thumbnail

Gaming has become very popular in the last year or so and now it is completely invading the mainstream. Nobody could have predicted that gaming would have an influence on the world of cooking, but it has done just that. Here are 6 fantastic gaming-inspired food dishes.

Minecraft Rice Crispy Treat

If you have a child and you have been looking for ways to make their sweet treats more exciting, you have to try making Creeper rice crispy treats. These square-shaped rice crispy treats have a green color and look exactly like your child’s favorite mob member.

The GTA Hot dog

Something that you may have noticed is that GTA has regained a lot of popularity recently. With the announcement of the remastered trilogy release and the fact that players have discovered that you can now get modded GTA 5 accounts at OPModz to play with, this game is now as popular as it has ever been. If you remember playing GTA IV, one of the best features was being able to purchase hot dogs from vendors to throw at NPCs. A diner in New York has recreated this famous hot dog for only a dollar and you can even make it at home if you have plenty of crispy onions and mustard.

Mario Mushroom Soup

As winter is approaching, you are probably looking for some meals that will warm you up. If you are a fan of mushrooms then you absolutely have to make the Mario inspired chunky mushroom soup. This soup has an extra kick to it due to the added chillies that give it a splash of color and a little zing. The recipe for this soup is very basic and you can make it your own by adding your favorite vegetables to the mix.

Pokemon Cake-Pops

The best part about Pokemon is all of the colorful pokemon that you can collect throughout the game. All of these colorful creatures really make the game pop and if you have a particular favorite, why not transform it into a delicious cake pop. Cake pops can be shaped into essentially any shape, which means that no Pokemon is out of reach. If you want to go for the classic Pokemon, we recommend that you try and make the iconic neon yellow Pikachu. You can make your cake essentially any flavor you want, but to start off we recommend that you do classic vanilla.

Pac-Man Mini Pizzas

Pac-Man Pizza is probably the easiest dish on this list to make. You can make a pizza with the flavor of your favorite pizza. We recommend that you use something circular like pepperoni or olive, as this can be used to make an eye. You then need to simply cut a triangular section, to create that Pac-Man mouth appearance. If you are someone that has children, they will absolutely love the creativity of the Pac-Man pizza and it will make dinner time more exciting than usual.

Stardew Stew

If you have ever played Stardew Valley, then you may be aware of the potluck that occurs every year. This requires villagers to bring their best products to add to a stew. Many Stardew fans have tried to recreate this stew by adding all of their favorite fall ingredients to the pot. This stew is really up to your own interpretation, but it is recommended that you at least try to add some of the ingredients that are used in the game. If you are someone that doesn’t eat meat, you will be glad to know that this stew can be completely vegetable-based.

Designer Tips for Sprucing up your Kitchen Thumbnail

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is the place where your family can come together and connect every day and where you can serve up delicious meals. There is no doubt that the kitchen in every home gets plenty of use and for that reason, it’s easy for the kitchen to eventually become a little run down. If this sounds familiar, then you may have found yourself in the same situation. Worry not, here are some design tips for sprucing up your kitchen.

A Lick of paint

If you are on a budget but are still looking for a way to spruce up your kitchen, then a lick of paint can do wonders. Your kitchen walls are exposed to a lot of things that could lead to discoloration and stains, which can be extremely unfortunate as this can make your kitchen look drab and unkempt. Trying a new bold color or even just refreshing the color that you already have can completely change how your kitchen looks. If you have a little bit more money to spare, we also recommend looking into some interesting tiling or wallpaper.


Minimize Clutter

Getting rid of the unnecessary clutter that is taking up space on your kitchen counters is another great way of sprucing up your kitchen. As time goes on it is natural to accumulate a number of possessions and these possessions can quickly take up a lot of space in your kitchen. Even if your kitchen is clean this can create a cluttered look, so we recommend getting rid of items or storing them away. There are a number of kitchen items that are designed for undermount installation, which means you can move some items under your counters.

Replace old equipment

Something that we can all admit is that our kitchen equipment is rarely updated. After all, once you have a toaster do you really need to replace it regularly? Unless you bought your equipment as a set, then your kitchen equipment is probably mismatched. If you are looking for a quick way to make sure that your kitchen looks cohesive, then we recommend that you purchase equipment that matches. This may seem unimportant to some of you, but having a kitchen that matches is very aesthetically pleasing. Doing this also makes it much easier to decorate your kitchen in general as it creates a style and color palette that you can base your design on.

These World Renowned Chefs Reveal Their Secrets For Creating The Perfect Menu Thumbnail

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or struggling to put together the right menu for your business deciding on what food you are going to serve can be a monumental task. There are lots of factors to consider such as food allergies and any other food preferences your guests may have. It is vital you offer options for people who may be vegetarian or vegan so they feel included in your menu, if you are planning on hosting some kind of food event I would recommend you plan your menu well in advance and inform your guests of the options you have available, this allows plenty of time for your guests to decide what they want to eat and puts you in a position where you know exactly what you need to make.


However, a pre-planned menu is not always suitable as diners visiting a restaurant may not want to decide on what they are going to eat until they visit. This is where an innovative and well thought out menu is required to ensure every dietary requirement is met, here is some advice from a select few of the world’s most renowned chefs as well as some helpful tips on how catering companies in Brisbane select their menu.


Think about what you would enjoy eating

As a chef it is important that you have a level of interest and passion behind the food that you serve, this not only ensures a delicious meal is created but also reflects your flair and style of cooking to your dinner guests. The best chefs around the world are all known for a signature style of cooking and their food is instantly recognizable, it is important you find your own style in terms of flavor combinations, cooking methods and presentation as this will be the type of food you not only enjoy cooking the most but also what tastes the best.


Cater to every dietary requirement

It goes without saying how crucial it is you have food options for every single dietary issue there is, all it takes is for one person to come into your restaurant with a dietary requirement you haven’t properly prepared for and your professional reputation can seriously be hindered. It would be advisable to take the time and do thorough research into any food deficiency there is and come up with ways in which your menu could be adapted to suit your guest’s needs. Like any business you are going to have a huge variety of customers each in need of a different service, in this case, you need to ensure your menu has a solid meal option they can enjoy.


Consider the event and venue

Deciding on the perfect menu can totally depend on the event and venue your food is being served at, if the event is more social with guests standing and interacting with each other then it would be much more suitable to serve easy to eat buffet style food. If your guests want a luxury style service then a seated meal with different courses would be required, a good idea would be to meet with your customers prior to the event and discuss the kind of atmosphere their event will have. Meeting with your customers not only displays a high level of customer service but also ensures you know exactly what they want to eat and allows you to deliver the perfect menu as they have had involvement. Communication is also a key factor when it comes to finding out any potential dietary requirements and allows you to deal with them to the very best standard.

This Australian Food Festival is Changing the Cooking World Thumbnail

The Ballina food and wine festival is a unique and interesting food event displaying everything that makes great cuisine, its large following has only grown over every year the event is held. Its popularity has grown so much the festival now features two separate events in two amazing locations, held in the summer months you can expect to enjoy great food and wine under the beaming sun with like-minded food enthusiasts. The range of local produce that is available to sample and purchase is unlike any other event in the region, as well as a large array of produce native to Australia, Ballina also hosts food retailers from all over the world so there will definitely be something new for you to try.



Set in the modern, picturesque location of the Ballina Jockey club this food festival has a much more unique atmosphere than any other event out there. There is a sense of elegance around the festival with the club hosting a whole range of other prestigious events throughout the year. With long stretches of colorful and well-maintained gardens, this event is the perfect place to find a delicious new dish to sample, pair it with a glass of accompanying wine, and just relax. Where other events can overwhelm its visitors with a busy and sometimes hectic atmosphere, Ballina takes a more relaxed approach to how it is hosted.


Charity Support

As well as providing amazing food and wine, the Ballina festival works with a different charity organization every year, the fact that this event works so hard to provide its loyal visitors with a great festival whilst helping to raise money for charity really is commendable. As previously mentioned the Ballina also hosts a second event, the after-hours gala is hosted in order to show off a classier dining experience with live music and entertainment. As if the main festival wasn’t enough the dinner attracts an elegant clientele, with extra charity shows and a raffle with some pretty juicy prizes on offer, a large portion of the profits that are made also go towards charity.



The main focus of any food festival would have to be the food they offer, at Ballina there is no shortage of world cuisines for you to try. Below are just some of the types of food that are offered at this amazing event.


  • Mexican street food
  • Indian cuisine
  • Local Australian produce
  • Flavored Cheeses
  • Customizable Chinese noodle boxes
  • Shawarma
  • Artisan baked goods
  • Deli counter
  • Organic fruit and veg


That is just the tip of the iceberg and the best thing is they all offer a diverse range of foods at very reasonable prices, Ballina is very supportive of its local Australian businesses and has been inviting smaller retailers and Australian Catering Services to come and display what great dishes they have come up with.


If you are someone who enjoys good food and good wine then the Ballina festival is the one for you, not only will you find a range of delicious foods but you will be morally satisfied through the fact that the event is supporting local businesses whilst helping those in need through its charity work. The food festival is really paving the way to helping smaller food retailers in getting a solid footing on the market.


The food industry can be very competitive and getting a strong reputation can take a lot of time, by providing opportunities to smaller businesses Ballina is contributing to the success of small businesses around the globe and paving the way for the mainstream names in the future of the food industry. The cooking world is constantly changing, from trends in what food is popular and the innovative methods in how different meals are created, Ballina food and wine showcase it all and more!


If you find yourself lucky enough to attend this prestigious event then really relish in the opportunity to try some new cuisines, you may not find some of the produce anywhere else so take advantage of the opportunity to try something new, support small businesses and contribute to a very noble cause.

The Absolute Beginners Guide to Fishing Thumbnail

Fishing is quickly rising to be a popular sport among people once again due to its relaxing yet competitive nature. But it’s not as easy as just casting a line into a body of water and hoping for the best, fishing requires the right equipment and knowledge, as well as a lot of patience. Here are some handy tips on how to successfully fish for absolute beginners.


If you’re really serious about starting your fishing hobby then it is important that you get a license. Not many people know that in many towns it’s actually illegal to fish without a license, this law is put in place in order to conserve local wildlife. It also means that people can’t just begin fishing whenever and wherever they please. You can get a licence online for a very reasonable price.


Arguably the most important tool of a successful fishing trip is using the correct equipment. If you are just starting out and a little hesitant on whether or not you should sink a lot of money into something you may not enjoy, there are many options out there. For example, if you decide to take a class or instructional course, they will provide you with all of the right equipment- meaning that you don’t have to spend your own money. If you decide that you enjoy fishing but are a little hesitant of spending so much money on gear, there is always the option to buy it second hand. You can easily find second-hand gear on local selling sites, but it’s important to request to see the gear before purchasing it as you want to make sure that it is good quality and not damaged at all. Your goal should be to find a rod with a spinning wheel as your main tool, this will probably be your most expensive initial item but it’s important that you invest in a quality rod as a good rod will last you a long time. If you get a combination rod, it’ll be easier to set up and use as you only really have to focus on the reel. Basic things like fishing rope and hooks are easy to acquire for a small price, you can get them online or at any local fishing store. If you want to make the fishing experience slightly easier for yourself it would be recommended to get some bobbers as these will help tell you whether or not a fish has hooked on to your line.


When it comes to fishing you’re going to be sitting out for many hours on potentially freezing days and so making sure you’re comfortable is something you should prioritise. Invest in some thick jackets, socks and boots as that will make sitting out for hours far more bearable. It wouldn’t hurt investing in a fishing chair either as you don’t want to be sat upon the cold floor for hours. Don’t skimp out when it comes to this as this is something you’ll use for a long time and will make fishing more enjoyable. There’s also no harm in getting a small pop up fishing tent to protect yourself from any cold breeze or rain. Once again, this is quite an inexpensive purchase and will not break your bank, but will make fishing feel more comfortable. Make sure you have the basics too, like a hat and scarf. Many people forget about the importance of basic warmth, especially when you’re so close to sea breezes, this will make it easier to stay out for longer.

Picking the right spots

Unfortunately, you can’t just start fishing in whatever body of water you fancy. There are a number of things to consider before you set up your fishing station. For example, check if the water is privately owned. Most privately owned lakes do not permit you to fish in them for the safety of its ecosystem. This can be easily checked online. Also check if whatever body of water you choose actually had fish in it as surprisingly, a lot of manmade water sources don’t have any fish in them at all so you would be completely wasting your time. Look at local fishing forums to really find out the most popular fishing areas near you. This is also a good opportunity to find some fishing groups to share your picks and find out where the most densely populated areas to fish in are. If you are allowed to fish in some areas, check any rules that they may have as surprisingly most fishing areas don’t let you take the fish home with you after catching them whereas some may.

Get to know your fish

Not every fish is the same so you should really get to know what fish are in your area and what are the best ways to catch these fish. If you are looking for advice on how to catch these fish then you should visit the pursuingoutdoors site as they give you lots of useful information on how to attract individual fish. You should look at investing in a variety of bait to attract a number of fish, bait can easily be acquired at local fishing shops as well as local pet shops as key baits like mealworms are actually very popular reptile foods. All this information can also be found in fishing books.

The Most Common Food Pests Restaurants Must Deal With Thumbnail

Nothing can ruin a restaurant faster than a pest infestation. It is a sad truth of our societies that the cities and towns we build are riddled with vermin. It is unavoidable, for the most part. While excellent hygiene and secure foundations work well to counter pests, they don’t always work, and some restaurants are often forced to seek out commercial pest control. Sometimes pests are avoidable. Sometimes they aren’t. Below are a few of the different types of pests restaurants can be expected to deal with.


The most common enemy of health standards. Rats. They are everywhere. The common myth is you are never more than a few feet away from a rat at any given time. And this means there is a high chance they will try and wiggle their way into an eating establishment and feast. Rats are often only attracted to places they can, firstly, get into with ease, and secondly anywhere that has food available to them. Both of these issues can be avoided. The food issue is resolved by simply maintaining high cleaning standards. No foot or crumbs should be left out, especially not behind counter and shelves. And making sure the building structure and flooring is well maintained will avoid any infestations. Checking on areas around your site that might be home to rats is also a smart idea. Anywhere that is warm, sheltered, dark is a good place to look. Knowing if there are rats near you will help you stay proactive.


Ants are a royal pain for restaurants. They are small, quick and above all else they are smart. Able to organize themselves effectively and once one of them is in, more will follow. That is why it is so vital for restaurants to stop an ant infestation before it happens. Like all pests, they are attracted to food, particularly crumbs. To maintain a rigorous cleaning regime within the restaurant is vital. Sadly, due to their size, it is very likely ants will be brought into your restaurant by customers, unknowingly. That is why you should invest in small ant traps and place them in key locations around the site. They will attract the ants in and humanely exterminate them.


Where there are dirt and heat there are flies. They are a nightmare for health standards. Not only is their buzzing annoying and persistent, but they are dirty and can contaminate anything they touch. As with any pest they can be dealt with by keeping things clean. But with flies that isn’t always enough. Most of the time a stray fly will simply make its way into the restaurant. To that end, it is worth investing in some anti-fly measures. Flypaper or a fly zapper is extremely effective to ward off those pesky little pests. Keeping on top of your bins is another way to avoid a fly infestation. They are attracted to bins so make sure you have safe and secure bins that don’t leak or are fragile.

Now Hiring – Culinary Tour Guides Thumbnail

Wanted: Culinary Tour Guides for Granville Island Market Tour (part time and casual)

Join our local team spearheading Canada’s Culinary Tourism revolution. Edible British Columbia is Canada’s largest culinary tourism and specialty locavore operator. With a vibrant Retail Store and headquarters located in the heart of Granville Island, we’re immersed in the Province’s vibrant food culture and in front of millions of visitors annually.

With a new culinary centre – Edible at the Market – opening Spring/Summer 2011, we need to hire additional Culinary Tour Guides. Are you passionate and ready to spread the word about the best of BC and Canada’s local food and drink, and the amazing culinary artisans that grow it, harvest it, bottle it, produce it and supply it?

Our signature Granville Island Market Tour provides the opportunity for both locals and visitors to learn about and experience BC’s most visited and best-known market, together with those who know it best. As a Culinary Guide you’ll lead small groups around the Public Market on a 2-hour tasting tour, provide tips on food selection and preparation, and insights into the local culinary scene.

EBC Culinary Guide qualifications:

  • Culinary and food background
  • Be dynamic, interactive, friendly and engaging with the general public
  • Be comfortable, confident and vocal speaking in public to groups
  • Be passionate about food! And drink!
  • Knowledgeable and supportive of the Farm to Table movement
  • Have a flexible schedule (public tours generally run 9am-11am, 7 days a week though private tours can run any time of the day)
  • Culinary Guides should be able to offer at least 3 mornings a week
  • Fluency in a second language is a bonus

Qualified applicants are encouraged to submit a resume and references with cover letter to: jobs@ediblebritishcolumbia.com. No phone calls or in person inquiries or resumes. We thank all those who submit their applications but only those under consideration will be contacted.

2 Spaces for Wednesday’s Market Dinner Available! Thumbnail

We’ve just had 2 spots open up for our long sold-out Market Dinner with Kits Daily Kitchen on Wednesday, January 19.

These multicourse, seasonally centric meals take place in Granville Island Public Market, after hours. With each course our sommelier has paired local BC wines to complement the chef’s dishes.

January 19 – Kitsilano Daily Kitchen – Chef Brian Fowke – 2 spaces left!

A fresh approach to unpretentious West Coast Cuisine. Chef Brian Fowke’s ever-changing menu is based on daily visits to the local markets and farms of British Columbia. Well known to Vancouverites (Rare, Metro, Mon Bella), Chef Fowke is always in the season, and local and organic whenever possible. Come and be charmed.

Time: 7:45 PM – 10:30 PM
Cost: $90 per person, plus HST
Price Includes:
– multicourse seasonal meal with paired cocktail/wines
– recipes, photos and the opportunity to interact with the chef
– 15% off everything in the EBC store that evening, and a 10% discount on future tours and events booked that night.

Only 2 seats are available – you can book online, in person at the Retail Store, or by calling our events department at 778.389.8940