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Whilst dieting has always been a common thing, with new types of diets popping up almost every month, there has in recent years become a stigma surrounding the topic. Women who go to Weight Waters and other similar slimming and diet groups have started to hide the fact that they go and that they are attempting to lose weight. Why they are ashamed of this, is unknown as attempting to lose weight is not a bad or embarrassing thing it shows that you are willing to put the effort in to ensure that you are healthy. Despite this, a new study finds that most female dieters are too ashamed to say that they are, and here we are trying to figure out why.

Pressures of Social Media

Nowadays, it is a big deal if you have a large following on social media. However, unfortunately, the most successful influencers who get brand deals for hair vitamins or promoting womens watches are usually the ones that are slim and conventionally beautiful. Women that feel they must diet to attain this level of “beauty” might feel embarrassed about it.

What is healthy?

A lot of people currently would argue that dieting isn’t a healthy way to lose weight and rather, if you are trying, it would be better to simply exercise and cut down on portion sizes. Whilst this is an easy way to lose weight, if women find that a certain diet is working for them then they shouldn’t feel ashamed of doing it.

Dieting is bad for your mental health? 

There is now a large expectation of people to move away from dieting and enjoy food to maintain your mental health and happiness. Whilst these are both important, it doesn’t consider that for some women, dieting helps them reach a weight that they are happy at, improving their mental health.

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