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Archive: Oct 2021

Surefire Ways to Host a Successful Dinner Party Thumbnail

Last year left us all feeling a little social deprived. The only people we were really allowed to hang out with were the people that we lived with, which got quite tiresome after a while. It is likely that you spent the majority of the year making plans with your friends and family, but now that you can do these plans, you probably feel slightly anxious.

Being away from people for so long has made many of us unsure of how to do some of the most basic social activities. Though we miss them, we can’t quite remember how to do them without feeling slightly awkward. If you spent the last year making plans, it is likely that a dinner party was on the cards, and you have to host it.

When you haven’t been able to host something for the best part of a year, you may feel as though you have lost your hosting touch. Stay calm, hosting a party is like riding a bike. However, if you are still feeling worried, here are some sure-fire ways to host a successful dinner party,

Make Sure the Food Goes off Without a Hitch

Though a big part of dinner parties is the ambience and the mood, the food is what everyone is turning up for. Planning your menu is a very important part of the night and the last thing that you want is to make food that nobody enjoys.

Don’t be afraid to ask your friends about their likes and dislikes, as they will appreciate that you are going to the effort to make sure that they are catered to. Once you know what everyone dislikes, you can ensure that you don’t put it on your menu.

If you are cooking a specific meat, it is recommended that you ask your guests how they prefer for it to be cooked. This will once again show that you are putting a bit of thought into the evening and will also ensure that everyone enjoys what they are eating, which is bound to put everyone in an excellent mood.

Put Together Some Entertainment

If you haven’t seen your friends for some time, it can be a little awkward trying to plan an evening together. The last thing that you want is an incredibly awkward silence, so to avoid this, you can host a few games. To start your night off, you can play a few rounds of the never have i ever game to reveal secrets. This will get everyone laughing and will be a fantastic way to catch up and hear what everyone has been doing in the last year. If you have a few drinks flowing, then everyone will be extremely open with their questions. Once you have heard people’s deepest secrets, it feels almost impossible to feel awkward around them, so everyone will feel a lot more relaxed.

You can also add some fun challenges and classic party games to the mix. It has always been said that no dinner party is complete without a few games of charades, so get out the sand timer and wait for the laughter to start.

Introduce Fun Cocktails

There is nothing more impressive than making signature cocktails for your guests. Absolutely everybody loves a cocktail and so a great way to impress your guests is by producing a creative cocktail. You can also get your guests involved in this process and have them make their own cocktails.

If you have someone at your dinner party that doesn’t drink, don’t worry. You can easily make them a delicious mocktail, as this will make them feel included in the events of the evening.

Offer a selection of desserts

Dessert is arguably the easiest part of your meal, as it can be kept in the fridge or freezer and you don’t have to worry about messing up the timing. Desserts can be bought and nobody will judge you for not making them, for this reason, we recommend that you get in a few options, as your guests may be in the mood for different desserts.

It is recommended that you keep a lighter dessert option in, as your guests may be too full to take on something heavy.

6 Fantastic Gaming Inspired Food Dishes Thumbnail

Gaming has become very popular in the last year or so and now it is completely invading the mainstream. Nobody could have predicted that gaming would have an influence on the world of cooking, but it has done just that. Here are 6 fantastic gaming-inspired food dishes.

Minecraft Rice Crispy Treat

If you have a child and you have been looking for ways to make their sweet treats more exciting, you have to try making Creeper rice crispy treats. These square-shaped rice crispy treats have a green color and look exactly like your child’s favorite mob member.

The GTA Hot dog

Something that you may have noticed is that GTA has regained a lot of popularity recently. With the announcement of the remastered trilogy release and the fact that players have discovered that you can now get modded GTA 5 accounts at OPModz to play with, this game is now as popular as it has ever been. If you remember playing GTA IV, one of the best features was being able to purchase hot dogs from vendors to throw at NPCs. A diner in New York has recreated this famous hot dog for only a dollar and you can even make it at home if you have plenty of crispy onions and mustard.

Mario Mushroom Soup

As winter is approaching, you are probably looking for some meals that will warm you up. If you are a fan of mushrooms then you absolutely have to make the Mario inspired chunky mushroom soup. This soup has an extra kick to it due to the added chillies that give it a splash of color and a little zing. The recipe for this soup is very basic and you can make it your own by adding your favorite vegetables to the mix.

Pokemon Cake-Pops

The best part about Pokemon is all of the colorful pokemon that you can collect throughout the game. All of these colorful creatures really make the game pop and if you have a particular favorite, why not transform it into a delicious cake pop. Cake pops can be shaped into essentially any shape, which means that no Pokemon is out of reach. If you want to go for the classic Pokemon, we recommend that you try and make the iconic neon yellow Pikachu. You can make your cake essentially any flavor you want, but to start off we recommend that you do classic vanilla.

Pac-Man Mini Pizzas

Pac-Man Pizza is probably the easiest dish on this list to make. You can make a pizza with the flavor of your favorite pizza. We recommend that you use something circular like pepperoni or olive, as this can be used to make an eye. You then need to simply cut a triangular section, to create that Pac-Man mouth appearance. If you are someone that has children, they will absolutely love the creativity of the Pac-Man pizza and it will make dinner time more exciting than usual.

Stardew Stew

If you have ever played Stardew Valley, then you may be aware of the potluck that occurs every year. This requires villagers to bring their best products to add to a stew. Many Stardew fans have tried to recreate this stew by adding all of their favorite fall ingredients to the pot. This stew is really up to your own interpretation, but it is recommended that you at least try to add some of the ingredients that are used in the game. If you are someone that doesn’t eat meat, you will be glad to know that this stew can be completely vegetable-based.